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Online Education Psychology Programs

Online psychology programs are educational programs in psychology that are conducted online, over the Internet. Unlike   campus  programs, online  education  psychology programs do not require attendance at lectures in a lecture hall on  campus . They are quite convenient because people can enroll in them without having to worry about relocating or commuting to  campus . Another reason that they are convenient is because of the time flexibility factor. Online  education  psychology programs often turn out to be much more affordable than  campus  programs.

Online education psychology programs are offered by many online institutions. They are also offered by many  campus  based colleges that have a distance learning school. An online education psychology program can be to attain a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or a diploma or certificate in psychology. Many people opt to study psychology because it is an interesting area of study that can help us better understand ourselves and each other. Psychology usually falls under the liberal arts and completing an online education psychology program will provide you with the skills associated with a liberal arts education. These skills include study and organization skills. You will also build your analytical, observation, and written communication skills. Employers highly value all these skills, so an online education in psychology will show potential employers that you possess these skills. Students who study psychology have a range of possible career options available. They can seek employment in corporate organizations, government agencies, educational and health institutions, as well as many others.

There are many different specialties within the psychology field. Students can gain an education that specializes in a specific branch of psychology. They can choose their specialty based on what they find interesting and what they enjoy, as well as the type of career field they intend to get into. The many branches include clinical psychology, sports psychology, organizational psychology, and marriage and family therapy.

Certain online education psychology degree programs will permit you to study at a pace that is convenient for you. These types of programs give you the most flexibility. Other programs may be more rigid in their structure and therefore will not be as flexible. However, they will allow you to get an experience that is more similar to a  campus  based experience but with some flexibility.

Online education psychology programs are a great way to earn an education in psychology. An education in psychology allows one to study an interesting subject while also preparing for many possible career opportunities.

America’s Need for Online Tutoring & Education

Online tutoring and education has taken over as a key player in America’s educational system. With the growth in student population exceeding what schools can handle, educational assistance had to take a turn. Parents and schools are beginning to partner with online tutoring companies to help educate their students.

Education in today’s world is a must. No longer can the youth of today rely upon only a high school education to get them where they want to be in life. As a matter of fact, today’s 4-year college degree is becoming yesterday’s high school diploma. There are some specific reasons as to why this has happened. Students in America’s educational system are growing at a rate that the schools are not able to keep up with. We can also look to America’s involvement in globalization. America has more international students studying in the states than ever before. This has created even more competition for the youth of America. Another aspect to look at is the life of students and resources available to them by the school. So what is being done now to help students deal with all these factors that have never before been an issue?

The answer is online tutoring and education.

With the large growth in students throughout America, schools have struggled to keep with the basic needs. According to OnTheIssues, the population of students in grades K-12 is over 50 million. This number is and has been steadily rising by 1 million students per year. OnTheIssues also notes that school spending for grades K-12 is now at $260 billion per year. As the amount of students continues to increase, the amount of spending will also continue to increase. This is not the only factor that is affecting students in a negative way.

Many students today, high school and college, do not have the time to research for sources and help on-campus. Mainly because students today are working jobs while taking full-loads in school. This leaves minimal time to be able to take advantage of a school’s resources. Online tutoring and education is becoming the answer to this problem. WashingtonPost author, Mike Chediak, says that according to Sloan Consortium, more than 2.6 million students studied through online tutoring and educational courses last fall. This number is up from 1.9 million back in 2003, which is about a 23% growth rate in only one year.

It’s also important to look at the resources that are offered by schools. The main goal of education is to prepare students for a career path. In high school this is a general path and in college this is a much more specific path. It is estimated that only 25% of 4-year college graduates actually work in the field that they earned their degree. Since online tutoring and education is able to cover such a broad area, students are able to get the help they need, when they need it. Online tutoring and education is now offered by some programs over a 24-hour period, which completely caters to the student’s needs.

While schools are not keeping up with the resources to fully help their students, online tutoring and education is able to fill the gap. Many schools are starting to partner with online tutoring service companies so they can get their students the help they need. Online tutoring and education is a service that will continue to grow and thrive in the upcoming years for America.


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Online Open Source Education

Online education is increasingly on the public’s mind with many pursuing higher education during the current tough economic times. Accompanying the growth of the for profit online universities, serving these students, is the open source education movement. This movement, headed by MIT OpenCourseWare and the Khan Academy, seeks to revolutionize education by offering free content to anyone with an internet connection. Bill Gates said in an interview that he believes that within five years the best education will come from the web. Coming from a man who has made billions from investing in innovation, such predictions carry an enormous amount of weight.

There is a huge demand for online education materials, not just for those enrolled in online courses, but for anyone trying to learn. The upcoming generation of college freshman have to think hard to remember a time before Google and YouTube. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first reaction of many young students when faced with a difficult problem is to “Google it.” Interestingly enough, with the plethora of online education materials, it probably is the best strategy. A quick Google search for calculus returns quite a bit more than what one could find in a traditional library. Full textbooks, video lectures, practice problems with solutions, internet forums connecting to thousands of helpful experts, computer programs, and more content growing by the day make a trip to the library seem silly unless you plan on using a library computer to access the internet.

So where is the open source education movement taking us? Despite the enthusiasm of many, I do not foresee the destruction of the over priced higher education system (bubble?) any time soon. Although, it would be an interesting case study to submit a few resumes with a list of watched YouTube videos as one’s education credentials. The open source education movement will have an effect, however, in the industry that produces supplemental education materials. There is a whole section of “Learn Calculus Fast!” style education books that could be disappearing off the shelves of your local book store (if your local book store hasn’t already disappeared). How are they to compete with interactive online materials, video lectures, and discussion forums for these subjects? Quite frankly, I don’t see how they can.

More interesting than the business impact of the open source education movement is the psychology behind it. What is driving people to produce their own YouTube videos solving calculus problems? Or spending their evenings in a forum devoted to organic chemistry, helping students with difficulty understanding the concepts? Economists and psychologists came together to find what motivates people to contribute to open source projects and found three primary motivators. Challenge, mastery, and making a contribution are the driving force behind all open source projects. These three elements are clearly prominent in the case of the open source education movement and one can add in the “joy of teaching” as an additional motivator. It is for these reasons that I agree with Mr. Gates that not only will the best education soon be available on the web, but that it will also be free.

How to Prepare For Online Education

Sometimes, you can’t pursue higher education in the traditional manner. Thankfully, online education has matured to the point where it is a viable alternative. There are tried and tested methods and rules you must follow, just as in traditional on-campus   education . These rules and methods prevent wasted time and help prevent bad decision making on your part.

What Field Of Study?

As in most important decisions, your choice of what field to study should be well thought out. Early on, you need to figure out what subjects of interest can build the foundation for your future degree. It is important to remember that learning should be enjoyable. If you pick a field of study you aren’t really interested in, you may be excited at first, but you’ll likely lose that excitement over time. According to many studies, we learn more (and retain what we’ve learned for a longer period of time) if we’re interested in the subject of study.

Do Your Homework Ahead Of Time

Once you have decided in what field you would like to study, you should start looking for where to get an education, or a degree, in that field of study. The internet can help out a lot here. Look online for what’s available. Take detailed notes on each option and put them in a spreadsheet.

Compare and Contrast Your Options

This review should be thorough. You don’t want to rush through this. But you don’t want to take too long, either. Make your list of pros and cons for each school, and pick the best fit for you, your lifestyle, and your goals. Things to consider include cost, graduation requirements, time required for each class, how many classes are required, when they are scheduled, and reputation of the instructors or faculty. If possible, you should set up a phone call with a director of the department you want to study in, and discuss your potential plans with him/her. You can often learn valuable information about a school in this manner. You may even learn the piece of information that tips the scales toward one school over another.

An Accredited School Is Important

Accreditation is very important for an online school, just as it is for a traditional school. Accreditation is a type of a quality control check on the school. If a school is accredited, that means it has met the requirements set up by an independent agency that evaluates schools.

Accreditation will also carry a lot of weight if you apply for grants or loans, especially if you’re applying for a grant or loan from a government agency. The agency considering making you a loan won’t want to give it to you if you are applying to a diploma factory that is barely a real school. You can also transfer any credits you earn to another school far more easily if the school is accredited. If it isn’t accredited, this becomes much more difficult. It is also important to most employers. When you apply for a job, they’ll look at your academic resume and if your school is accredited, it will be more impressive.

How Much Will This School Cost?

When making your pros and cons list, make sure you figure out if each potential school is Title IV funded. This means that the federal government may be willing to make you a loan to go to school. Some people must rely on this if they don’t have funding available from their parents, from savings, or from their employer.


It is time now to complete the online form of your chosen school and send it in. However, your should write down all your questions before the school returns your call.

When they contact you, be sure all your questions are answered. You may request to put it in writing even in an email form. This is the time when you should seek and obtain further clarifications, if needed.

This is also the time to re-evaluate your choices. Some schools might hound you to make your decision. They are also in the business of making money and want to get you to commit first.

Make your commitment only when you are completely comfortable. Online education is a very important decision and should not be made lightly.

5 College Campus Safety Tips

I was shopping the other day and noticed the department stores already switched over their clothes to fall attire and it hit me… it’s back to school time! Instantly I was reminded to write something on college campus safety. When I got back to my office, I spotted an overlooked note, penned on my calendar back in May, as a reminder to write a post on this very topic. I remembered adding that note right after reading an article about the Virginia lacrosse player murder.

My initial thought for this post was to gather as much information as I could get my hands on without overwhelming everyone at the same time. Then I found SOC and hit the jackpot.

Today, Security On Campus, Inc. (SOC) remains the first and only nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of criminal violence at colleges and universities nationwide through educational, awareness, and policy initiatives. SOC’s website provides access to a comprehensive database of campus crime statistics and other pertinent information. SOC has many major legislative accomplishments, one in particular called the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, a federal law that requires institutions of higher education to release campus crime statistics and security policies to their current and prospective students and employees.

Check out the following five safety tips to consider when moving onto campus. Feel free to pass them around.

1. Always be aware of your surroundings. We can’t say that enough! Be aware of strangers in your dorm. During the day, walk the campus to learn a couple different ways to get to and from class. Plus make a mental note of vulnerable areas and steer clear of them especially at night.

2. Contact your campus security officer and request a report on campus crime history and talk to them about the vulnerable areas you spotted.

3. Contact the local community safety officer assigned to the neighborhood(s) around the campus. Anyone can do this to learn more about their neighborhood. Your local community safety officer should know every criminal or future criminal in the area, that’s their job. Pick their brain, I did before purchasing my home and learned what neighborhoods to stay clear of.

4. Make sure your dorm room or apartment has adequate locks on the doors and windows. You can have your parents install more locks before they head back home, if needed. Also make sure your door has a peephole and if it doesn’t ask to have one installed.

5. Run a background check on your roommate and surrounding roommates by gathering information nonchalantly. Act like you’re getting to know everyone and just want to jot down their full name and date of birth. It should seem harmless to them. If not, just explain you like to pass out cupcakes on birthdays and what college kid doesn’t like cupcakes.

I recommend all students and parents of students bookmark www.securityoncampus.org for easy future reference.

My college years were a blast. I would go back in a heartbeat. So have fun, be crazy, party, eat lots of pizza and cupcakes, while your metabolism allows it, but always remember to never, ever get too comfortable and let your guard down! Oh and I forgot to mention the most important thing, try to learn something while you’re at it. And I don’t mean how to become a master at chandeliers. My favorite drinking game!

Chippewa Valley Technical College Offers Adults Education and Disability Services


Largest  campus  located in Eau Claire, the  campus  locates three separate  campuses  namely Clairemont, Gateway, and West. Major regional centers are located in Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Neillsville and River Falls.

Brief Background

With a size of nearly 5600 students seeking undergraduate degrees, the college has 99% native students and 1% out of state students. Part of urban setting located at about 90 miles from Minneapolis-St. Paul with a unique health  education   campus  and state of the art laboratory and computer  campus , the college offers associate degrees.

Programs Offered

Associate degrees and technical diploma are the main programs offered in the college. In addition it offers other certifications as well as adult continuing education programs. Including the class going students and continuing education enrolled students, the total enrollment strength comes to nearly 5600 in the college. Major programs offered include business, marketing, construction, security, protective services, computer and information, health, law, firefighting, management, nursing and cosmetology.

Special Programs

Continuous education for adults is the special program offered by the college. However the aspirant candidate has to provide his or her job description to be eligible for the program. A unique feature is the extensive disability services provided by the university. Distance learning, double major, dual enrollment of High school students, external degree programs, internship, student designed major, and independent study are all available here.


Transfer students are not ignored. For each program there is fixed date line and it would be good to have a look at the website to know the exact date per program. Though the college follows open admission policy, both SAT and ACT scores are very important for admission.

Admission Credits

Chippewa Valley Technical College accepts dual credit, life experience, and advanced placements as admission credits.

Student Services and Financial Aids

Chippewa Valley Technical College offers remedial services, academic and career counseling, career placement, PT cost defraying employment and library facilities on  campus  for its students. Among financial aids it offers federal, state, local, and institutional grant aids besides scholarships and loan assistance for students basing on need based criteria. Extensive career counseling for students help them find better career opportunities.

What Makes Online Education a Better Option For You?

Nowadays, pursuing a degree through online   education  is common, and the value of online degree from a proper accredited university or college is equally weight than the traditional  campus-based  degree. With both  campus-based  degree and online  education  you have more options to choose from if you want to earn a degree for you career advancement. Online education has many advantages that can benefit its students, but it may not be a good option for all students; then what makes online education a better option for you?

Here a 5 signs that an online education might be a better option for you:

1. You want to continue your current job while pursuing a degree

In order to success in both work and study, you need to have a good time management that helps you to stay focus in both tasks. Online education will make it easier for you if you are the person who does not want to give up your paycheck while earning a degree for better career future. The advantages of online education that allows it students to have the most flexible learning environment can benefit a working individual and plan your times that best fit into both work and study.

2. You are managing multiple time commitments Online education helps to cut down wasted time in traveling to and from school while providing flexible scheduling that can enables you to fully utilize your time. If you are a person with full of time commitments with multiple working around obligations, you will appreciate the anytime, anywhere access of the virtual classroom. Online education will be a better option for you if you have such working obligations while you study:

  • Frequent traveling for job assignment
  • Unfixed working schedule / work on shift
  • Involve in project-based work that need long working hour
  • Need to take care of your children after work hours

3. You are a visual learner Traditional  campus-based  learning style is more emphasis on auditory activities such as lectures and oral discussions while online  education  learning style is mostly in visual learning format that involves reading, writing with various visual aids found in virtual classroom. Hence, if you prefer to “read and learn” than “listen and learn” type of style, an online education learning environment will be a better option for you.

4. You are self-motivated “Self-motivation” is the key factor to a success online study. Online classes allow you to logon to the class at anytime and remain in the online class for the duration you prefer, nobody will push at your back to urge you complete you projects or assignments. You may move through the material at your own pace, passing quickly on the area you already familiar with and spending more time to understand new concepts. If you equip with a good “self-motivation” characteristic, then you should have no problem in completing an online education program which makes it a better option for you.

5. You are interest in a specialized degree not available locally One of the most compelling reasons to opt for online education is you can earn your dream degree offered by any of university in the world as long as the university offers online degree programs. Distance is not an issue for online education because you can reach it with mouse clicks no matter how far it is located from your place. The online education will become a better option for you when the degree you are interested in is not available locally.


Earning a degree online can have many advantages over the traditional  campus-based   education . It will become your better education option if the advantages of online education can benefit you while helping you to achieve your education goal in a better way.

Is Education and Success Linked?

There is no doubt that a good, quality early education forms one of the basis of becoming successful in society. However beyond a school education, this has been questioned by many successful people, who have either dropped out of College or built up successful businesses at an early age.

Some of our most successful people, do not have a University degree, notably Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. Others like the founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, dropped out of College, and became one of the UK’s most successful businessmen. Facebook users may be aware that the business founder, Mark Zuckerberg, dropped out of Harvard and focused on creating one of today’s most successful global on-line social networking sites.

A higher education in today’s World is linked to getting a good job, but at a cost as in most Countries, we need to pay for that education, and borrow to continue it. In some cases students leave college with huge debts, which need to be repaid. And the cost of studying is rising, even in a recession.

Some critics citing the link between education and success, cite the fact that not everyone is suited to a college education. And with the fact that in the future, a high percentage of new graduates may never work in the field they studied in. They may end up in debt, and actually face a more uncertain future, then before they entered university.

In Asia, where education is seen as a sign of success, some wealthy entrepreneurs, study for a degree after they become a financial success. But they want their children to become college graduates, and are willing to pay for a traditional university education overseas- When the cost could provide a business for their children, and a home.

This reverse thinking on Education, were at first you become successful then study could become a new trend in education outside Asia. Whilst some college graduates may look down on people like Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg- known as “the kid who made 60 million in 18 months.” But someone like Kevin Rose, could now easily afford to sit back and study for a degree, and hire hundreds of these graduates as his employees.

Some experts also cite the need for innovative, skilled workers especially in new Green tech industries. Industries that should always provide well paid, and stable employment opportunities for many people now returning back to college- an option that could be much better than an actual traditional university education.

We will always need innovative, skilled technicians, inventors and designers who “think out the box.” and can earn much more than a degree holder. These skills cannot always be learnt at a traditional university, but are as equally valuable to society.

Before you decide on whether a traditional college education is for you, there are options. Success and education may not always be linked- as a university degree may not even guarantee you a job in the area you studied in the future.

Other options do include online degrees, and training courses linked to the careers of the future. Where you can continue earning, and still study without incurring the growing debts many college graduates face. Debts that may compromise future career decisions- once a traditional university education has been completed.

Taking the step of entering a traditional college could be the right step for you, but first look at your options and your own personal skills. Perhaps you could discover other pathways to success, or compromise through developing your skills through work, whilst studying for an on-line degree.

Modes of Transportation on Campus

When you decide to attend school at a traditional  campus  you will see a variety of transportation methods around  campus . There are many ways that students can get back and forth to  campus  depending on whether they live close to  campus  or not. If it is your first time on  campus  some of these modes may seem funny to you. This article will take a look at all of the modes of transportation that you might be able to see on  campus . You will be able to see the benefits to them and maybe understand why you should get one for yourself.

Obviously one of the first modes of transportation you will see is a car. Cars have become a life line for people in America. Unlike, other countries, there is a lot of distance from our cities and from destinations. In other countries you might be able to take a train to a different city and then use public transportation to your destination. This can still happen in some areas of the country like the east coast.

Another mode of transportation that you will see around college  campuses  are buses. Like major city public transportation, these buses operate so that students are able to get to other parts of  campus  that may be further away from where you park. These also help people who live on  campus  get to the other side of  campus  also.

Those who live closer to  campus  and that may not want to drive may benefit from a scooter or motorcycle. When you utilize these bikes you can get to  campus  faster than walking and are even allowed to park in closer spots than you would be able to if you were to drive a car. Usually car lots are full and it can be hard for people to find a parking space. However with a motorcycle or scooter, most  campuses  have closer spots to the buildings that you need to be in and you are allowed to drive through  campuses  even if cars aren’t allowed.

For those that love the exercise, a bike or skates may be the best way for you to get to  campus . By riding a bike you get the same benefits as a motorcycle or scooter in that you have mobility through  campus . You also get even closer and can drive all over  campus . This includes areas that motor vehicles are not allowed. A benefit to this is that you will be getting in your daily exercise all while commuting. Best of both worlds.

These are the different modes of transportation that a student may find on  campus . One of the things to look at when you are deciding what school to go to is how students get around. How bad is traffic? How bad is parking? Do you get any benefits to commuting rather than driving? These are just a few questions that you should ask or observe before you chose your dream school. Also make sure that your mode of transportation that you already have fits what everyone does at the school.

Campus Fashion

When you go off to school for the first time many things change in your life. The people you hang out with, the place you live, your class schedule, your activities, and even your wardrobe. Yep, even your sense of style changes. How can this be? Well the late nights from the bars and studying do not leave you with lots of time to get up in time to class, and sitting a three hour class in your best attire is not always comfortable. Usually once you are in college you can even tell the type of organization a person belongs to just by their clothes. This article will look at some of the fashion that you can expect to see on your first day.

Probably the most obvious fashion statement that is prevalent on a  campus  is university attire. When all else fails, throw on a university t-shirt and you will fit right in. There is never a wrong time of year to wear this gear. However, be mindful of your sporting events. If you are at a football game, then you may not want to be wearing a basketball shirt. There is a reason that there are so many university shops surrounding your  campus , it’s because students love their university gear.

Another group of students that are usually easy to spot are the Greeks. The fashion varies depending on the region of the country that you are in. Since I am in the south I will touch on their fashion. Polo is a household name for any Greek member; in fact they flock to the stores so that they can but the latest items. Another staple are Sperry shoes. These shoes are brown for the most part and look like men’s loafers. Women and Men both sport this trend often referring to them as boat shoes. Greeks still have their lazy days also and this is where athletic shorts and t shirts come in to play. Usually the shirt depicts their social events for the year. If is starts to get cold, the north face jacket comes out and these students will be representing all the fleece colors possible.

So if you are not in a Greek organization and are low on university gear, what do you wear? Well as usual, your normal clothes are always fine. People will respect you for taking the time to get dressed up before class. They will probably even be jealous that you had the time to do it. However you along with every other student will probably wear pajamas in public sometime. You can lie to yourself and say that it will never happen, but just wait till you survive your first finals week. Your lack of sleep and exhaustion will throw out all of your fashion sense. You will be craving your pajama pants worse than you ever thought possible.

Keep in mind that your fashion may vary if you are taking an online class versus a traditional class, but you will still see yourself identifying with some of the options on this list. Just make sure to make it your own.