Pros and Cons of On-Campus Vs Distance Learning/Education

The internet has made huge strides in several aspects of life. In the field of education, it is now possible for students to acquire formal education online. If you are interested in pursuing a degree online a.k.a distance learning, it is very essential to consider matching its pros and cons against on-campus  education . Here is a brief rundown:

Geographic Accessibility

Distance learning gives you the chance to take classes anywhere at any time as long as you gain access to the internet. However, long hours staring at the computer can be a headache for some. Also, taking classes online deprives students of social interaction which is very essential to foster personal growth.

Convenience & Flexibility

When you opt to student online, you will enjoy learning at your very own pace. The flexibility of time gives you much convenience compared to attending standard classes from on-campus University. However, setting your own “study time” can most probably lead to procrastination if you are not disciplined enough to adhere to it.

Classroom Diversity

While online  education  gives you the opportunity to study at your very own room, this could mean that you will be deprived of gaining powerful insights from different people coming from different cultures in on-campus setting. Apparently, distance learning does not give you the “college spirit” as it segregates you from merging into other walks of life. Nevertheless, if you are intimidated by the classroom setting, online education could be your option.

Quality of Education

Online students are typically given video lectures and multimedia presentations as materials for learning. These tools give students the chance to replay the lecture all over again until they learn from it. But unlike on-campus set up, distance learning may deprive students to interact face-to-face with instructors for immediate clarifications of certain topics. Most probably, online students get less feedback and support than they could have in a university classroom.

Program Accreditation Concern

Unfortunately, not all employers are willing to employ applicants who matriculated online. This is the stigma attached to your online degree diploma despite its growing popularity. Your hard earned diploma may not be perceived more valuable than a diploma from a traditional college.

Economical Learning

Distance learning does not require you to get in to the bus station and wait for a ride to get you to school each day. There is also no need for you to apply for student housing and pay dues on time. Besides, you are also spared of meal expenses, textbooks and other materials essential for on-campus learning.

Now that you have compared its pros and cons, it’s all up to you to decide how to get your college degree. After all, it all boils down to how much knowledge you gained from school and how would you be able to step out to live to it.