Online Schooling vs. Campus Schooling

There has been some controversy as to whether an online degree is acquired easier than a conventional  campus  degree. Furthermore, there has been controversy as well with regards to whether an online degree is as credible as a  campus  degree. These are just two aspects that must be weighed when considering the difference between online degrees vs.  campus  degrees.

One thing is for sure, a degree is a degree, and it’s much better to have a degree then to not have one. Before the pros and cons are considered you must decide which degree is more plausible for you. Much depends on your status as the individual considering the degree. What time restraints do you have? Will you have time to attend a scheduled class several times a week? If these options are weighed and you are still stuck at a crossroads then the positives and negatives must be considered.

The amount of work that is involved and the time that is put in are questionable aspects when considering an online  education  vs. a traditional  campus   education . What will I get out of one opposed to the other? What will an employer think of my degree? How will it measure compared to a credible  campus  school? There is the financial portion that must be considered. Distance Learning Degrees are generally less expensive, mainly due to the cut in costs of not having a teacher present, in the flesh per say. What else is compromised when you sacrifice the cut in cost? These are all questions that should be raised when considering the two.

The largest difference is the social interaction that will be missed when you work toward an online degree. Some may say that is a priceless facet that a four year college offers. Others may see no value in that and see value strictly in the lectures that are taught in the classroom. Quite often, the material covered in as opposed to classroom courses will be very similar. However there are two different learning styles involved. An online course, it seems would require more personal dedication to keep up with assignments because there is no physical class to attend or instructor to motivate you to work, just you and your assignments. It is a tough decision to make and with consideration of all these aspects, you can come to the correct decision. Simply, online degrees hold extreme value, whether it is more or less then a traditional four year bachelor’s degree is up to ones interpretation. Bottom line, an education is an education and it’s much better to have one then to not, no matter which route is taken to obtain that degree.